Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mortars falling like rain!

Oh yes, where I am is the 2nd most mortared base in Iraq. Where I will be soon is the 1st most mortared base in Iraq! But its ok because Hajji cant fire mortars for shit. 1/2 the time they dont even hit in the base and when they do there is no real aim to it. Just luck as far as where it goes. Its not everyday, but most days that they lob mortars at us.

Today they sent a few our way in the morning when I was getting my hair cut. Luckily right after i just got done. But it landed about 100 meters away or so and that shit was LOUD! Went to check out the damage and it hit right by the building one of our companies stays in and damanged one truck and flattened tires on another. Not to mention it totally destroyed a water tank. I got pictures I have to put up of what a mortar will do.

But yeah thats about all I have to say about that. Nothing really special about it and in fact Ive totally gotten used to the sound of them going off. Kind of crazy huh?

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