Thursday, July 19, 2007

My number must almost be up...

OK, well I'm going to make this a short entry, because I dont have much time but I just wanted to get this little story out there because it scared the hell out of me today. So my last post I was talking about how I almost got hit by Iraqi drivers twice with a 3rd close call. Well, wouldn't ya know, today I almost got crushed by a Iraqi driving pickup truck. Jesus! This is starting to get a little old.

Basically we were walking along this road durring the busy "rush hour" type of Iraqi traffic. The sidewalk became impassable so we moved in to the street to bypass this one part. I was walking in between a parked utility truck and a pickup truck stopped in traffic. There wasn't much room to fit, so I went to make it quick but sure enough just as I was about to squeeze through, the dude started moving, and to top it off attempted to turn right, which would of crushed me. I immediately started pounding on the guys door and window (thankfully it didnt break) and proceeded to yell at him for almost crushing me. Wow, and I thought drivers in Arizona were bad.

Later on durring the day today we had taken a break at our outpost that we go to. Just before we were getting ready to leave I got out to smoke a cigarette and was sitting on the front of the Humvee by myself. All of a sudden I hear a loud THWAP!! sound on the ground literally a foot away. I look down and see a dust cloud from whatever had impacted there at a high rate of speed. I jumped up and looked around thinking someone had thrown something at me, but there was no one in sight. My next thought was sniper round. I ran around my vechicle attempting to hide from whoever. Thats when I realized how stupid that was because I would of heard the snap or pop of the bullet' s supersonic speed.

Apparently a gunner for another truck had seen the impact too and me run away and asked what the hell it was. I went over there and explain that I had no clue, but that it had me freaked out. He suggested that it might be a stay round.

That totally makes sense! I asked around, and between what people said, and an old episode of Myth Busters I've seen, I've decided that what that probably was, was a round that had been fired in the air somewhere, and had landed almost on top of me. The Iraqi Police and Iraqi Army fire warning shots in to the air ALL the time, and so those rounds have to come down somewhere and I think I happened to be unlucky (or lucky??) enough to be right next to one. I'm not certin about this, but I am certin that no one had thrown anything. Definately had me a little nervous for a while. How crazy!?!

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Haole Wahine said...

okay we're making progress. you ran around to the other side of the pickup.

More prayers on the way!

Anonymous said...

Dude ... you must be a cat ... glad to see the new post ... tho they are getting pretty nail biting lately ... just remember head down, stay focused, check six, stay away from vehicles (parked or otherwise) & stop smoking :p

Anonymous said...

Man, I got the greatest respect for ya, you know that, but when you get home, and if you ever come over to N.M. to ride with us, I hope you don't take it personal if I insist you ride up front with our State Cpt. and Ride Cpt. They were 101st Airborne and also have a lot of close call stories. Must be an Airborne thang. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Mythbusters thats an awsome show! i watched the store sounds in a clay pot then play the music like u would an old fashion record..!

as always stay safe eddie :D