Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How many times can you ALMOST get hit???

Alright well yesterday was my first day back out on patrol after almost a week off straight. The way our schedule works is we rotate guys in the squads off on patrol days, and I happen to have my day off work come at the right time to get 5 off! It was great not doing anything, but it came to bite me in the ass. For this day out was extremely exhausting. Add to it that the air was extremely dusty pretty much all day and it created a overcast, yet still hot and exhausting, dreary day.

Well we did our typical market guarding and before lunch they dropped us dismounts off and we conducted a foot patrol through some of the neighborhoods. Nothing really special, for we pretty much just walked around, talked with some people, and just generally made our presence known. On our way back to our linkup point with the trucks (which was quite a ways away), we started to cross this one major road. There happened to be a lot of IA (Iraqi Army) guys there and they helped to stop the traffic as we crossed.

I was the last guy, and just as I was almost finished crossing the road I see this car coming towards us. It wasn't going to fast, but I thought to myself, "This guy had better stop." Once he was close enough I could see in the car and the driver totally was not paying attention. It now was lining up to where his car and my body were on a collision course. Then, still without looking, the guy hits the gas and starts flying directly at me. Without hesitation, I bring my rifle up to my shoulder, pointing directly at the driver, and I yell at the top of my lungs "HOLD THE FUCK UP!!" I guess the other occupants in the car noticed this just about the same time the driver finally decided to look forward. Every single occupant in that car, driver include went wided eyed as the driver slammed on his brakes, stopping about 3 feet or so in front of me. I was furious at this point, and even though they didn't understand the words I was speaking, I think they knew EXACTLY what I was yelling. I went up to their window, pissed that they almost hit me, and yelled at them for not paying attention, ya de da de da. It was funny because when I got done, I went back to falling in to the patrol about 1/2 the guys were looking back at me wondering what the hell happened.

We continued on, and were just a couple hundread meters from our linkup point, when again, we had to cross another road, this one semi-major. We actually ended up walking in the road the get to where we had to go. We were walking along, and I looked back like I usually do as the rear guy and I see this van coming at us. Ok, you got to see us, slow down now. Nope. Dude comes right up on me all quick, and again Im forced to stop this man in the same terrifying manner in which I stopped the last guy. JESUS! Its the middle of the day. How hard is it to see us and stop!?!


Nothing else really exciting the rest of the day until we ended up doing our night patrol. I was 2nd to last guy for this one, and we ended up patrolling around long enough to suck, but not really too long. About 1/2 way through the patrol, the guy in front of me was about to cross this road when I heard this loud, high pitched sound. I origionally though it was an RPG or a rocket being fired but as soon as I though that, I saw what it was. This car came in to view from where I was in the alley, slidding to a stop just before the guy that was about to cross. The car had been flying and I guess didn't see us since it was night. Initially I was still on alert because I had no clue if thats what happened or if they were about to hop out and start shooting. So for the 3rd time, there was a close call with a car, and for the 3rd time I had to point my rifle at the occupant of another car. It immediately became clear, what happened, and we continued on our way. The rest of the patrol was uneventful.

Before heading back, we learnded of an IED attack that had taken place on another company from my unit. Fortunately nobody was hurt, but it was the new deadly roadside bombs they have here, EFPs (Explosively Formed Projectiles). The scarry thing, is that it took place in an area that we have driven past on several occasions, which now makes it the first EFP to go off in an area where we could have been the recipients. The EFPs are extremely deadly because they punch through our new uparmored Humvee's as if the armor were butter. I knew they would come up eventually, but its been so long and we were fortunate to not have had to deal with they really up to this point. Now, we have to worry about this new form of faceless attacks from our enemy. I pray to go that we don't see many more in the future.

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Haole Wahine said...

Your prayers and ours!!!!
I can really stand for traffic to be your biggest worry for the duration.

Maybe you need to put in a chit for a crossing guard uniform? You'd look so cuteeeeee Heh Heh

Please don't get tired of being told how good you are at telling your story, and how grateful and appreciative we are.

Anonymous said...

Geez Eddie ... talk about close calls ... but then again, I guess it just goes to show that there are dumba$$ drivers all over the world.

I really do think you should've taken at least one of their tires out ... that would've slowed them down for sure, unless they like drifting on rims.

Can't believe you guys had a trial ... too freakin funny. So, is the jury still out or is this trial by judge?

Glad to read you're ok ... I'm hearing more & more about these EEDs & they scare the bejeezus out of me & I'm not even there! Please be careful ... keep your head down & check six.

Smiles & Prayers from Cali :)

Jason h said...

Hey! i'm going to cali this sunday.. gonna be there for a week, this is the site i was talking about where i made the extra cash. later!

David M said...

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A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the check back often.

Anonymous said...

As a retired military attorney (a.k.a. JAG), I'm really interested in the trial results! Love your blog...keep writing and stay safe.

Lane B said...

Hey. Keep us up to date on the Sally trial. Maybe you have a carrer after you get out.

Bag Blog said...

Hmm, maybe it is all that cammo you wear - makes it difficult to see you :)

Samira the Ninja said...

Okay, I have to say it since no one else did...

Obviously, the drivers didn't see you because...wait...wait for were camouflaged.

And with the groan from the audience, I exit stage left.

Stay safe!!!!

Anonymous said...

i always enjoy reading your blog, and you be safe and take care eddie :D .