Saturday, March 31, 2007

Stupid donkey!

Quick termonolgy... Overwatch = Watching Over

Yeah leave it up to the Army to over simplify things. Another drastic over simplification is when we do radio checks. Someone somewhere some time ago came up with the phrase "Lima Charlie" meaning Loud and Clear. But to say Lima Charlie, it takes 4 syllables and Loud and Clear is only 3. But yet, everyone always has to say Lima Charlie. Stupid.

Anywho, yesterday was yet another day of boeringness, which is all it seems to be lately. We went to this one place to watch over this other place. Nothing exciting to report, sorry. Just lots of watching and a little bit of being cold.

The only thing note worthy was when we were heading back from the place, we were going around in some of the back alleys. The way out was really jacked up and took us way out of the way because we dont want to be seen going to our place of choosing. Well on the way back we decided to try to find a shorter route. We did, but it involved climbing this big nasty mountain of trash and then hopping down from it off this wall. The wall was about 7 feet high. Doesn't seem very high, but considering the amount of gear we have on (probably 60 pounds or so) its a long fall. Well as I make my way up this mountain of trash, Im just getting ready to hop down when I hear this loud sound, that sounded like a fog horn going off. I immediatly stopped in my tracks thinking it was some kind of warning horn that Americans were in the area!! Oh shit, here we go. Then after about 10 seconds the sound started changing and thats when we realized that is was a donkey in this dudes backyard! What the hell! Scarred the ever living piss out of me.
Hahaha! So I proceed to hop down and totally eat shit like everyone before me. I had more gear than usual too because only a few of us went to this place and so I took one of team members automatic rifle with me, plus all his ammo. It hurt landing, and I dont think me knees have quite forgave me yet!

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Anonymous said...

You keep safe out there!

Anonymous said...

I think the funniest thing about saying 'Lima Charlie' is that if you really were receiving loud and clear, there would be no need to use the phonetic alphabet to prevent someone from hearing 'crowd of deer'.

get home safe