Saturday, March 10, 2007

It doesn't get much better than this!

Alright well yesterday was quite the day. Things went very well and very shitty all at the same time. We ended up being out just shy of 24 hours straight, but in a way it was worth it.

We started off our day with just normal patrols as usual. We stopped by some mosque to listen to a sermon, since it was a friday which is the holy day for muslims. While there some old fat dude with no pants on way laying by one of the trucks. I dont know why but at some point he rolled over and began playing with his asshole, right in front of all of us! WTF!! It was so disgusting. We also ened up in this neighborhood with a million kids. We dismounted and they just would not leave us alone. My experiences here in Iraq are really making me not want to ever have kids!

Later in the day we were just checking things out and heard about this University that the day prior some MPs had been chased out of by protestors. We headed down there and loaded our shotguns full of the non-lethal rounds we carry. We dismounted and headed up the road. I dont know how or why, but we got sidetracked to go check out the
Ministry of something. While we were there we came across several people working there to include one guy that was an IP. He had an expired IP identification card so we asked him his name and it rung a bell. We called up to check up on it and they said he was on our wanted list so we detaineed him. More on this guy in a bit.

Well about the time this was all said and done, we had a scheduled raid back at this one location where we had nabbed this other guy before. There were a couple more people we were looking for and had intel that they were there for us to get. After the sun went down we got ready to head on over there. My squad was in charge of taking down this one building that we had been in before which was good, because well we knew the layout of the whole thing. We walked on over and rolled right up to our building. Just as we are about to go in, we hear some gunshots that sound like they are coming from our building or very close. My squad leader and the other team pull back to see whats going on, and right as they pull away we hear guys inside our building coming towards the door. My team starts yelling for them to stop and to come here, but once they see us they immediately take off running back into the building. Fuck no you dont! We busted in and chased after them, with my team leading in.

Once in we ran into the lobby of the hotel and found 3 guys waiting in there who we immediatly detaineed. On the second floor we saw some people run into a room and would not come out when we were yelling at them. Also there was a hallway we bypassed on the way to detain the initial 3 guys and down there was a room with another guy who wouldnt come out. The other team went after him and detained him. Once the 1st floor was good we headed up to the second floor and immediatly rushed to the room the people were hiding in. In there we found another man and 2 women who we again detaineed. We proceeded to clear all 7 floors of the building and began our search of the place. We didnt find a whole lot, not that it mattered because we had plenty of evidence from our intel. We did find an AK-47 with 2 mags. They were lucky they didnt go for it when we came in because then they would of had to die that night.

I could go on with a lot of boering details, but Ill save yall. We transported all the guys throughout the day we had detained to another base that handels detainees. I ened up having to write a statement on how we apprehended a couple of the guys. Fun stuff, and we didnt get done with all that until about 430am. Along the way there though, one of the trucks in our convoy hit a barrier and the front right tire completely came off the vechicle, about 400m from the gate of the base. I remeber sitting there thinking, "Oh my God, you have got to be kidding me, we are this close!" Yeah well the person that was driving ended up being my good buddy Brandon! Haha good job bro!

During the turn in of the guys I learned what the origional guy was wanted for. His name, physical profile and general information about him all lined up with who we were looking for. I cant really go into exactly who it was, but let me say this guy was big, and has killed alot of Americans. Wow! He totally just fell into our lap. But we got him and he's probably going to spend the rest of his life in an Iraqi prision (which wont be long because they're prisions are horrible) or possibly even be executed! Good fucker! Wish I could have "shown" him a little of how I felt about him.

Anyways, we had to wait for something before we left and so we all passed out in our trucks waiting. Well about 545 or 600 we wake up to everyone leaving so we get ready and head out. Well just as we get back my squad leader said, "Oh in case you guys didnt know, everyone left for the gate without us. When they got there they realized we werent with them and came back to get us!" HAHAHA!! Once we were back one of the guys was telling the story of how when they came back we were all still just passed out and had no clue. They were honking their horn and even rammed our vechicle a couple times but we still didnt wake up. It took them coming up and opening the door and yelling at us! I thought that was pretty funny.

We made it back safely, somehow, since all of us were zombies at this point. Got back, downloaded the truck and passed the fuck out!!

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