Thursday, March 22, 2007

Things that make you go boom

Well today was quite the uneventful day for me. I went out on a normal patrol, and just before lunch they had to pick up some more people but didnt have room, so they dropped me, the other team leader from my squad and another guy at this one place. We were supposed to only be there 2 hours tops and they'd come back for us. Well while we were there we heard a huge long firefight going on just outside the place we were out. Come to find out another platoon from my company was rolling through the bad area and they got in a huge hour long firefight. They estimated 12-15 guys and they were lobbing gernades at them too. They managed to damage 2 of their trucks, but thank god noone got hurt. Well anyways my platoon rolled out to help them out. They got there after everything was over but were out there FOREVER! The whole time we're just stuck chilling at this place. How fun!? So finally they come back and get us like 11 hours later and we rolled out to do some raid with Iraqi Army.

After that was all said and done, I got back in the truck and come to hear how my squad leader and everyone in my truck had noticed and IED made from an artillery round right next to their truck. They freaked out and moved away. We ended up securing the area and calling EOD (the bomb guys). They showed up and had their little robot thing check it out and sure enough it was an IED; a 120mm artillery shell (big if you dont know). They ended up placing a charge on it and blowing it in place which was pretty awesome. I got a decent video of the detonation. Wow was it big. That would really suck to drive by that and have it go off next to your truck. Shit. But everyone is safe and good, and thanks to a good eye, thats one less IED to worry about.

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