Monday, March 19, 2007


So yeah today was a pretty uneventful day with the exception to one single event that scared the ever living piss out of me! We had to do some kind of security for this important Iraqi Police guy and anyways we were chilling in this one part of Baghdad. We were just sitting there in the trucks and where my truck was the only thing I had to do was to look at a wall 4 feet away from me. Yeah I know, how exciting. Well I was pretty exhausted because we had been up since like 2am and well, I decided to catch a little powernap.

[Removed for screening]

It all started to hit me as my sleepiness wore off, and I realized they had played the worst practical joke. There was no grenade. They just decided that it would be hilarious to wake me up in such a manner, and if I was on their side, it probably would of been funny as hell. I finally made my way back to the truck, with them still laughing hysterically. "OK I can see how that is funny from your perspective, but yall are still bastards!" I said when I got back in. At the time my hand was still shaking a little. I seriously thought it was real, but in heinsight I can totally see how funny it is and I laugh about it when I tell the story. But my was I seriously scared at the time! LOL

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