Thursday, February 22, 2007

Iraq is shitty.... literally

Yeah I fucking hate how the streets around here are just running with sewage down the middle of the streets. Its god damn disgusting. Tonight we were doing a foot patrol through some streets and alleys. I saw a shit puddle so I went to go to the other side of the street that appeared to be solid ground. It was night out and I had my night vision goggles on so its hard to be 100% sure about anything. Anyways I stepped over the puddle stream thing and sunk right in to what was just built up solid shit, yes shit. poop. crap. feces. fecal matter. whatever you want to call it. it went about 1/2 way up my boot and as I took a few more steps to figure out how to get out some guys we ran into in the alley took off running so I had to start running after them. Just spashing around in this nasty chunky shity water. I hit some parts that went up over my boots so my feet got completly soaked in shit water/shit, and so did the bottom of my pants. And to make it all worthwhile... we never caught those fuckers that took off.

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1 comment:

Drew333 said...

That's shitty, the least you could have done was kill someone over that shit!