Friday, February 16, 2007

What Iraq Needs

This is coming from a long conversation I had the other night with one of the interperators we have here. He goes by the name of 'Falcon' and he's being working with us since the begining of the war. We talked a lot about how it was before the US came, hows its changed (good and bad) and some political stuff. One of his answers really suprised me.

I asked him what he thought it would take to bring peace to Iraq and to make a stable country. This isnt word for word what he said but pretty damn close from what i can remeber.


FALCON: What Iraq needs is not a political leader, but a military leader. They need someone to rule the people. To make peace in Iraq you must scare the Iraqi people and then they will follow you. What they should do is go to one neighborhood and kill 500 people, then go to another and kill 500 and then to another and another. When they are done, leave the bodies in the streets so the dogs can eat them. The next day people will walk along the walls, heads down and not say a word. Iraqi's like to talk alot. They have big mouths. But the next day you need to go back to the same nieghborhood and give them money for compensation, and build them homes and schools and make things better. This is what the Iraqi people need.

ME: So what your saying is they need someone more like Saddam

FALCON: No we dont need somelike Saddam, but we need someone to rule the people. A military leader. Not the people they have now. They took the country from an evil man and gave it to corrupt men now. They need someone to scare Iraqi's and to rule for 5 years, not 1 or 2 or even 3. 5 years.

ME: So basically someone to rule like Saddam, but that gives to the Iraqi people too right?

FALCON: Yes. Saddam made this country poor. Its people we're poor. We need some who will help this country

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