Monday, May 7, 2007

I bet that one hurt!

Well lately I had been feeling like my blog was starting to go nowhere, along with my general feeling of what my deployment had turned into. Lately we havent been doing anything exciting, and its been very boering.

[Removed for screening]

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1 comment:

SYLKY said...

First you're pessimistic...then you're optimistic... Then you're pessimistic... and then optimistic again. Could that survey be right? Is all this screwing up your brain? Go to MySpace and take one of those "Are you bi polar" quizzes. LOL. I'm just messing with ya buddy. I'm sure there will many more "I bet that one hurt" moments for you.

So, whether you are old squad, new squad, or a mix of both... you guys have trained well and I believe that you will CONTINUE to do a fine job out there. Just keep on keeping on, man! HOOOAAAAHHHH!!