Tuesday, June 5, 2007

And the song plays on...

Well it is official. In light of the article that was written about my blog, as well as its appearance in the Stars & Stripes MiddleEast edition (which we recieve here in Iraq) I've ended up speaking with many people about my blog. I've discussed things about what should and shouldn't be said as well as other just useful information about just simply portraying the right image. I've gotten word from several in my chain of command that it is ok that I continue my blog, and some have even encouraged me. For that I'm greatful.

So I've decided that I will do just that. My old posts will still be inaccessable for now. I'm going to have people review ones that Id like to keep up to make sure they are ok to put on and if there's any corrections that need to be made. Give me time because this is going to take some work. But I should be back to posting regularly here in a few days.

Thanks to everyone for the emails and the words of encouragement. Its been great to hear from everyone out there and I really appreciate you all taking the time to write. I may not always have a chance to respond. I try to as much as I can, but know that I do read all the emails. The simple thanks means so much. Its in part due to the overwealming support from yall for me to continue my blog that I have decided to do just that. I just hope that yall continue to enjoy it, despite the changes. I feel it will still be and enjoyable read, for I wouldn't continue if I didnt think so.

So as I said, just keep checking in and shortly I should be back to posting regularly. As always your comments and emails (good and bad) are always appreciated!

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SYLKY said...

...and the song will never end, come what may, because you're writings and experences will live in our hearts forever.

OMG, how Dr.Phil of me, I so deserve the sweetness award for that one too. LOL.)

Welcome back, buddy! Loves ya!

texaslegend said...

Keep up the great work! We're proud of your service, and your refreshing honesty!

Anonymous said...

Rock on, man

Haole Wahine said...

Strike up the band, and we will come running. Your word pictures and musings (wasn't that fancy?) bring reality and clear vision to those of us fortunate enough to have access to them.

"I meant to ask you how when everything seemed lost
And your fate was in a game of dice they tossed
There was still that line that you would never cross
At any cost

I meant to ask you how you lived what you believed
With nothing but your heart up your sleeve" so we bang the drum slowly for you. We do need you to bring the music on for us.

And after you have done your duty, get back on the SAFE SIDE of that door.

Anonymous said...

The best news of the day! Write on =) Awesome!
God Bless you and keep you safe.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back I'm a newer reader and was just starting to really enjoy your prose. Glad that Uncle Sugar is letting you continue

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're keeping the blog going ... I look forward to reading it :)

Anonymous said...

I am soooo happy to see you back to blogging. You will find that it is a great way to not only let the American public see what it really going on over there, but will help you release some of that tension. I look forward to reading your post.

Stay safe and watch you six!!