Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The 'Asset'

So your probably wondering.... "What the hell is the 'asset'?" right? Well let me explain to you the importance and significance of the 'Asset'. Basically it some something that is so sensitive to our security and our information gathering and collection that I really should kill you for telling you about it. In the event that the 'Asset' should come into enemy hands, it has already been decided that it will be destroyed at all costs. In fact we keep an incindeary gernade (one used to burn sensitive equipment into non-existance) right next to it for just that purpose. Hopefully though, this item of equipment never falls into the hands of the enemy. The repurcussions could be very serious.

The 'Asset' is truely amazing. It has helped guide us along our voyage here in Iraq. It will let us know which route is the safest/least traffic bogged. It will let us know wheter we are at the right location for a raid that we must conduct. It is also a great tool for alerting us to potential insurgent activity in the area. We have come to trust the results of the 'Asset' for it is highly accurate. It has only failed us a few times and for the most part has proved over and over its own worthiness. I can't imagine leaving the wire without it, and it always sits right up in its special spot by the TC seat in our truck for quick evaluation and anylasis of any given situation.

I imagine at this point you are truely curious as to what exactly the 'Asset' is. Well to let you in on the secret information, the 'Asset' is a magic eightball. HAHAH!! Yes Im dead serious. We use it probably 20-30 times each patrol now that I recieved it in the mail. It helps us decided which roads to take so we dont get bogged down in traffic, lets us know if we are to encounter any engagements that day. It will tell us if a mission is bullshit and is going to waste our time and going to have us miss chow or get us back later than we're supposed to. It has even helped to clarify the sexual orientation of a few individuals! :) Overall tho, the thing has been quiet accurate and has served us many hours of enjoyment durring the multitude of endless boering hours spent inside our trucks at a time.

OK, so now that the cat is out of the bag I'll tell ya a little about my last outing.

[Removed for screening]

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Unknown said...

Hey, I'm in the Air Force and I'm a desk I don't really get to feel your pain. Service Rivalry aside, we are all proud of what you guys are doing over there. I'm also 25 too.

I created a blog to help military members with their finances and wanted to know if we could exchange links. Let me know.

Brandon J

Terri said...

I just came across your blog here and on another site. I really enjoy reading your adventures (if you can say that.) Keep your daily postings whenever possible.

Thanks for serving and thank you for protecting.

Anonymous said...

Great writing, man. Thanks to you and your brave buds for getting the job done.

karoline in the morning said...

stay safe


SYLKY said...

Magic 8 balls ROCK!!! Stay safe out there buddy!!!