Thursday, April 5, 2007

Here they come again...

... the mortars that is. Its been almost a month and a half since the almost daily mortars hitting our FOB ended. Such a peaceful month, at least on base.

Well this morning when I got back in for this training it was about 6am and I decided to swing by the chowhall to get some good food and to have breakfast which I havent had in a while. I had just got my food and sat down and taken a couple bites of my sandwhich. I poked the straw through my OJ and took a couple more bites of my sandwhich when I heard the explosion. It had been so long that I just figured it was outgoing, but it definatly sounded different and you could see it in everyones faces in the chowhall. Just then someone ran from outside in to the chowhall and yelled "ITS INCOMING!!". God damnit! I semi-quickly grab what food and drink I can carry and make my way out there. Of course when I get out there, the shelter is full. I haven't heard anymore explosions so I say fuck it, casually walked back inside, grabbed the rest of my food on my plate, threw away my tray and walked back to my room to eat in peace.

I had told others about it, but most of my company was either gone or asleep so they knew nothing of it, and to be honest I didnt really think much more about it until later in the day, around 3pm. I was reading my book and I hear a loud explosion again. This definatly louder than outgoing would sound, so I sat up in my bed. I heard others come out in the hallway and then another explosion, even louder. Oh shit, this is definatly incoming. I jump out of bed and run to the door leading to outside, the whole time mortar rounds are landing all around my building. The building I sleep in is sturdy and safe and I just wanted to see where they were hitting. By the time I got to the door, one more round landed and that was it. In all I believe it was 8 or 9 rounds, which is alot more than normal. Normally is like 2-4. Just BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, one after another. I guess a couple people got hit by shrapnel but very minor injuries and noone from my unit.

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