Monday, April 16, 2007

GERNADE!!! for real this time...

Well if you havent read my post on this before go check it out, entitled "Gernade!!" and you might understand a little more of what Im talking about.

[Removed for screening]

Needless to say after it didnt blow, I ended up smoking a lot of cigaretts. :) I was in the truck and i would of probably been fine, but still, some asshole threw a gernade at me!!

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Anonymous said...

Is there any truth to some GIs signaling that if they die in Iraq that they desire to have their remains (ashes) dropped or spread on President Bush's Texas ranch or personally delivered to him by a surviving family member? I've heard that the thinking is, he had them killed therefore he owns them. Similar to you break it you own it. I'm in the National Guard in NJ. Please contact me at

SYLKY said...

Thank God it didn't blow... but you and your damn cigarettes, man!! I don't blame you for smoking now, but when you get back...I'll have plenty of 'diseased lung' pictures waiting for you. LOL. Stay safe!